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ready for the fight - and fate.
The bed of grass


and then satan said let there be console exclusive video games


if i die before my favorite show ends then use an ouija board to keep me updated about what happens next

The Neighbourhood - Staying Up
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The Neighbourhood // Staying Up

Album out today. Purchase here or here


Parasyte anime adaptation starts in October.



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Aleksandr Petrov, - The Old Man and the Sea, 1999

'A wonderful and inspiring adaptation of Earnest Hemingway's story of the same title. Aleksandr Petrov, the one man Army behind this classic adaptation, has achieved so many well deserved prestigious awards for this once-in-a-lifetime movie.' 

Anamanaguchi - My Skateboard Will Go On
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my skateboard will go on///amanaguchi


Ute Klein - Resonazgeflecht, 2009


Ute Klein - Resonazgeflecht, 2009


"Surreal Series"

Artist: Minchi ミンチ Kyoto, Japan.


China’s Hui Muslim women during Ramadan

The Muslim Hui are an ethnic minority granted significant autonomy and allowed to devoutly follow their religion in a region where Islam thrives. As part of a tradition dating back to the late 19th century and unique to China’s 10 million Hui Muslims, hundreds of female Imams lead all-female congregations in the women’s only mosques of northwest China. 

Photographed by Kevin Frayer (x)


Since the release of Blackfish, a documentary which chronicled the troubled life of the orca Tilikum (above), in 2013, the percentage of Americans opposed to cetacean captivity has risen to 50% (up 11% from a 2012 poll). SeaWorld’s attendance has dropped 13% in the first quarter of 2014, with earnings down 11%.  The Blackstone Group, which purchased SeaWorld in 2009, reduced their holdings of SeaWorld’s stock to 25%.  The National Aquarium in Baltimore is now considering ending their practice of displaying dolphins and retiring their animals to a sea pen.  The ‘Blackfish effect’ has changed so many lives, but what about its star, Tilikum?

Despite a year of SeaWorld’s costly PR campaigns, YouTube videos and commercials touting their exceptional animal care, Tilikum and the other orcas at SeaWorld’s parks haven’t seen any real improvement in their lives.  Their tanks haven’t been expanded, broken family bonds have not been repaired and Tilikum the deadly 12,000 pound bull orca is still floating like a cork in the dank pool that made him famous.  After a year of protests, reduced turnstile clicks and constant attacks on their social media platforms, SeaWorld still hasn’t gotten the message and Tilikum, the one being whose existence should have been impacted the most by the Blackfish effect, remains untouched by its message.

SeaWorld is never going to volunteer to do the right thing by Tilikum or any of their 28 other whales, it’s up to us to #emptythetanks.

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